Nvidia Titan X Specifications and Price Revealed

Today, Nvidia revealed that its upcoming 12GB GPU, the Titan X will be priced at $999, when it goes on sale on March 18th.



They also revealed the specifications for their all new flagship card, and they are beastly. To go along with its 12GB of GDDR5, it will also have a 384-bit memory interface, which shifts data up to 50% faster at 336.5GB/s. Nvidia also tells us that this is its first GPU to sport the GM200 core, which holds over 8 billion transistors in a single 28nm die. TITAN_X_Block_Diagram_FINALThe GM200 core is made up of 6 Graphical Processing Clusters each of which contains four Streaming Multiprocessors Units, with 128 cores in each SMM block. That adds up to monstrous 24 SMM Units, 3072 Single-Precision CUDA Cores , 192 Texture Mapping Units and 96 ROPs.

Nvidia claims their new Titan can “game at any resolution with the effects cranked up” to go along with this claim they’ve released some early-benchmarks for 4K gaming, comparing its performance to that of the previous generation Titan and Titan Black.


As we can see, the Titan X is clearly capable of playing most modern games at 4K resolutions with ultra-max settings. Sure, these results are from Nvidia, so they should be taken with a grain of salt, but these results are still promising.

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