Overkill Announces Payday 2, Continues The Heist Co-Op Saga

Overkill Software has announced Payday 2, successor to the popular FPS four-player co-op Payday: The Heist. A recent’y released teaser trailer shows the four man team of Hoxton, Wolf, Chains, and Dallas preparing for another heist; the developing team’s motivation for the game via The Dark Knight certainly reveals itself:

Payday: The Heist centers around planning and executing missions that have the team go after objects, people, and money. Inspired by VALVe’s Left 4 Dead series, the concept is much the same, except substituting zombies for law enforcement units. Aside from the cooperative aspect, much of what makes Payday replayable is the random factor which ensures a different gameplay and storyline experience when ‘heists’ (or missions) are replayed. With three other friends with you, you never really know how a situation will play out, as it never remains constant.

payday 2

It seems as though Payday 2 will follow the same recipe for success as its predecessor, with beefier visuals this time around. While the game is set to come out in 2013, there is no concrete date in place. In the meantime, the Left 4 Dead themed ‘No Mercy’ mission and Wolfpack DLC will certainly keep you occupied in Payday: The Heist while Overkill prepares the next set of jobs.

payday 2

Here’s hoping for an equally awesome soundtrack!

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