Video Streaming Player Roku Inks New Deals

Roku StickLooking to generate some buzz before CES opens up to the masses, Roku, a market leader for video streaming players has posted two big announcements on its blog.

The big announcement is that Roku now has 700+ channels. In mid December they were only claiming around 300 channels so this is a big step for its steaming player. You can see the great variety they offer just by looking at this small sample of channels; Hulu+, Netflix, Pandora, Bloomberg, CNN,, and HBO Go.

Roku also brought in more than a dozen new partners naming TWC TV, Blockbuster On Demand, Fox Now, PBS, PBS Kids, iHeartRadio and Big Fish Unlimited. The streaming partnership with Time Warner will benefit current subscribers as there will be no extra fee to access its streaming channels.

Roku has also announced six new partners using the Roku Streaming technology putting the total partners at 14. New partners will be able to integrated Roku’s streaming experience to new Smart TVs, Blu-ray players and other supported devices.

As demand for streaming entertainment continues to grow, there is more interest from consumer electronics manufacturers, particularly TV makers, who are looking to introduce streaming features to their devices. Rather than invest in building and maintaining their own platforms, many are turning to Roku.”

The six new partners include, Coby Electronics, Harman Kardon, Hisense Electric, TCL, Voxx Accessories and Westinghouse Digital.

Roku is offering many smart TV brands out there a chance to gain momentum in this product category as they have been offering a streaming box since 2008, much earlier than competitors.

For more information head to Roku’s Blog


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