Technology X Affiliate Reviews for January 25, 2015

When the weather isn’t cooperating, there is nothing good on television and all the world news seems to be upsetting, why not just surf the web.  Allow yourself some time to check out the varying opinions on some of the newer technology products available.



samsung portable

So I am holding this Samsung Portable T1 1TB SSD in my hand and thinking how far we have come to make possible the actual storage of a quarter million songs, 200,000 pictures, 1 million e-books or 500 hours of video on a device 3/4 the size of a business card and 30 grams in weight. To put that weight into perspective, 30 grams is equal to two tablespoons of flour.  Capacity and weight aside, that wasn’t enough for Samsung and they included performance, value and probably the most consumer friendly security we have ever seen, thus ensuring once again that their SSD is going to make a mark on the industry.


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