Thermaltake Releases Titanium Limited Edition Level 10 Gaming Station

Today, in anticipation for the upcoming Taiwan Technology convention, Computex, Thermaltake has released the news that the gorgeous Level 10 Gaming Station is going to be released as a titanium limited edition chassis.



One of the most interesting chassis design has to be the Thermaltake Level 10 Gaming Station. Like the rest of the Level 10 products from Thermaltake, there has been extensive collaboration with BMW Group DesignWorksUSA in order to redefine how we would normally look and think of a PC chassis.

It features a very modern design that allows for an unique open compartment architecture, further allowing you as the gamer to customize and modify your gaming rig by removing or adding compartments, which would contain your PC hardware. The full tower design can easily accommodate six 2.5″ disk drives (or three 5.25″ disk drives), graphics card length up to 310mm, and a cpu cooler height of 150mm.

Titanium level 10 Gaming Station

This absolutely beautiful chassis will on be made 500 times, meaning if you don’t get your hands on one of them, chances are you will never get a chance again. The titanium chassis will be available for pre-order in July, and will officially launch in September. Stay tuned, as Technology X will be making our way to Taiwan to check out this newly designed gaming rig for Computex!

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