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Enermax products cebit 2013

Enermax had quite a big showing at CeBIT 2013 and presented a vast array of hardware around their booth. With the release of their Fulmo ST chassis, it marks off one of the unreleased products we saw at the showcase.

Here are the others:

Enermax Fanless PSU (Unnamed)

The first fan-less power supply from Enermax is completely silent, and sports an 80 PLUS Platinum rating. It will most likely follow the same naming as the Platimax series, and come in offerings of 550W and 650W.

Enermax products cebit 2013

Enermax ETS-T40 Pluto Edition Air Coolers

The Pluto Edition is much the same as the other T40’s from Enermax – 120 x 120 x 25mm, two colours, and compatible with all modern socket sizes. The main difference however is the white/black thermal optimized coating, which not only makes the new T40’s efficient, but also gives them a slick matte white/black coating for those big into aesthetics.

Enermax products cebit 2013

Enermax T1209 Liquid Cooler

Moving to liquid cooling, the T1209 has a 120mm-sized design. It also fits all of the modern sockets, with a dual-fan configuration and ‘cold plate design’ for better heat transfer.

Enermax products cebit 2013

Enermax Hoplite ECO ATX Midi Case

The Hoplite ECO is a refresh of Enermax’s Hoplite, but this time with USB 3.0. The chassis is 200mm wide, and equipped with four top I/O USB ports, tool-less drive bays, and a large acrylic window to show-off the internal build.

Enermax products cebit 2013

Enermax Vostok New Edition ATX Midi Case

Refreshed from 2007, the new Vostok comes with the same glossy exterior, except with USB 3.0 support this time around.

Enermax products cebit 2013

Enermax Coentus GT XL-ATX Case

The Coentus Giant comes with a 230mm full-tower frame, and XL-ATX motherboard support. The top and bottom support 240mm radiators, along with ten PCI-E slots. Of course we have USB 3.0 ports in the front, as well as the standard large acrylic cut-out on the side as with essentially all Enermax cases.

Enermax products cebit 2013 Enermax products cebit 2013

Enermax Fulmo ST ATX Midi Case

The Fulmo ST was just released, but along with its GT variant is definitely the most popular Enermax chassis.  With SlideIn ODD design, USB 3.0 support, eight expansion slots, and thirteen HDD bays, the ST is a lighter version of its bigger GT brother – which features a top SATA dock, extra room, and larger expansion areas than the ST.

Enermax products cebit 2013 Enermax products cebit 2013

Enermax LED Cluster, Everest, and Magma Case Fans

From the top down we have the ‘Advanced’ version of the white Cluster, ice-blue Everest, and black-red Magma case fans respecectively. Equpped with custom LED lighting, the fans feature APS speed tweaking, three cooling modes, ‘Batwing Blade’ and ‘Twister Bearing’ technology, and are capable of at least 100,000 hours of function at 85°C.

Enermax products cebit 2013

Be sure to keep a look-out for all of these products and more from Enermax as the year progresses!

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