BIWIN Focusing On Industrial SSD Market, Showcasing I5201 And M5205 Series SSDs At Japan IT Week 2013

Japan IT Week is Japan’s largest IT trade show featuring a huge selection of technology and information systems solutions. BIWIN, specializing in the manufacturing of flash storage products including solid state drives, USB flash disks and flash memory cards, will be showing commercial and industrial grade SSD products at their booth number there: West 9-24 during the dates of May 8th – 10th, 2013.


BIWIN is focusing on the industrial SSD market during the Japan IT Week show, and will be showcasing, among others, two of their products, the I5201 and the M5205. The I5201 is a 2.5” SATA II Product with SLC Flash and the M5205 is also an SLC solution with an mSATA II interface and a Mini PCIe connector. But the key feature of their product is not just the great specs on offer but the wide variety of customization that customers can take advantage of. This is something that traditional manufacturers are reluctant to offer.

In effect BIWIN is able to provide the tailor making of SSDs according to the buyer’s needs. BIWIN allows customers to choose and match an industrial grade flash module based on different controllers, flash chips, operating temperature ranges and interfaces.


On the controller front, BIWIN offers more than 20 different models of controllers and can even bring in new controllers as per a customer’s request. As for flash chips, they can not only source original SLC and MLC flash chips from TOSHIBA and Micron, but also package their wafers into flash chips in-house.

For temperature range options, they use industrial grade controllers and test and source out the highest quality flash chips. To insure the quality, they do testing using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment like Flextar. On the form factor’s side, there are many choices and products are ready for sample testing.


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