Cooler Master Debuts NotePal ErgoStand II Notebook Cooler

Cooler Master Mobile today unveils the ErgoStand II – successor to the well-reviewed ErgoStand.

Focused on Comfort

ErgoStand II focuses on being a fully-featured ergonomic hub for laptops. It is a high quality ergonomic stand that helps reduce hand and wrist fatigue while using laptops for extended periods of time.

This is accomplished by five different integrated height settings that offer customizable viewing and typing angles.

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Utilizing these comfort focused options helps reduce the instance of injuries from prolonged periods of laptop use. To ensure that the laptop doesn’t shift during use, foldable and movable tabs are placed at the base of the cooling surface to hold your laptop in place.

This comfort is all accented by a calming blue LED strip at its base to help project a soothing ambiance during intensive work or play.

Excellent Cooling & Easy Maintenance

A whisper quiet 140mm fan significantly cools the underside of a laptop. This airflow is directed by a specially engineered perforated cooling surface that assists in maximizing heat dissipation. Customize the fan speed with the included fan speed dial and determine what noise / airflow level works best for each situation.

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A common problem with using a laptop cooler over time is dust build-up. ErgoStand II includes an easily removable mesh cover that makes cleaning a simple task.

Central Hub for your Devices

Featuring four conveniently located rear USB 2.0 ports, ErgoStand II expands upon the often limited connectivity options that laptops come with.

The rear-facing USB 2.0 help keep cables out of sight while allowing for better cable management options.

Stop struggling to find a comfortable way to use laptop coolers and start using one that was crafted to comfort you, the new ErgoStand II.

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ErgoStand II is compatible with laptops up to 17”.

Price and availability will vary based on region. This information is intended for the U.S. and Canada regions only. Please consult your local Cooler Master Representative for more information.

Full product details can be found at NotePal ErgoStand II.

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