Cougar Introduces Dual-X Line Of LED Fans

Cougar, a Taiwanese/German PC case and power supply maker, is introducing a new line of 120mm and 140mm LED case fans designated as “Dual-X”.  This follows the success of their previous Vortex line of fan products that saw strong U.S. sales of over 200,000 units.  Cougar engineers have developed a design that is the optimal combination of cooling efficiency, silent operation, and long life.  The Cougar Dual-X fans give gamers and enthusiasts that like the visual effects of LED fans in their systems a new and improved option.  The LED-powered transparent blade fans are available in red, green, or blue to create colorful visual effects.  It is also available in a black, non-LED version.


Cougar’s new Dual-X fans feature a dual-layer rigid 9-blade design to generate powerful airflow and air pressure with decreased wind shear noise.  The blades’ claw design provides focused airflow and reduced air turbulence and noise.  Turbulence is further reduced with an optimal aerodynamic air inlet design and anti-vibration pad.  Cougar achieves the Dual-X line’s long life with a revolutionary hydraulic bearing design.  The Dual-X fans feature a closed oil retention design that prevents leakage of the special low-wear, high-temperature synthetic lubricant.  The closed system is pressurized to assure constant presence of lubricant in the bearing and storage tank.  The fan shaft is made of specially designed aerospace materials that resist wear and tear.  This design is far superior to sleeve-type bearings and previous bottom-seal-only hydraulic bearing designs.


The 120mm version of the Dual-X is rated at 1200 rpms and 64.37 cfm of air flow; while the 140mm versions achieve 1000 rpms and 73.18 cfm of airflow.  The Cougar Dual-X fan kits also include tool-less rubber fixed pins as an additional mounting option, standard fan screws, and a 3 to 4 pin connection adapter.  The Dual-X fans are currently available in the U.S. at for $19.99 each.  Cougar’s product page for the Dual-X line of fans can be viewed here.

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