Enermax Releases Updated List Of PSU Models Ready For Intel Haswell Series CPUs

Intel has just released more details about the new Haswell processors. It sets new benchmarks in terms of energy efficiency. The new C6 and C7 states are able to reduce the CPU power consumption to just 0.05A while previous Ivy Bridge processors draw up to ten times more minimum power.


But the positive progress of the CPU technology is subject to certain restrictions, because only few power supplies will be able to deliver stable voltages at such low loads. End users are therefore groping in the dark with no clues if their own power supply will be compatible with the new energy functions of Intel Haswell CPUs. PSU manufacturers usually do not state the possible minimum load of their products. Therefore, Enermax has released their updated list of compatible PSUs before the new CPUs make their debut:

Running Models
Platimax Series (>>Product Information) Platimax 500W (EPM500AWT) Platimax 600W (EPM600AWT) Platimax 750W (EPM750AWT) Platimax 850W (EPM850EWT) Platimax 1000W (EPM1000EWT) Platimax 1200W (EPM1200EWT) Platimax 1500W (EPM1500EGT)
Revolution87+ Series (>>Product Information) Revolution87+ 550W (ERV550AWT-G) Revolution87+ 650W (ERV650AWT-G) Revolution87+ 750W (ERV750AWT-G) Revolution87+ 850W (ERV850EWT-G) Revolution87+ 1000W (ERV1000EWT-G)
MaxRevo Series (>>Product Information) MaxRevo 1200W (EMR1200EWT) MaxRevo 1350W (EMR1350EWT) MaxRevo 1500W (EMR1500EGT)
Triathlor Series (>>Product Information) Triathlor 385W (ETA385AWT) Triathlor 450W (ETA450AWT) Triathlor 550W (ETA550AWT)
Triathlor FC Series (>>Product Information) Triathlor FC 550W (ETA550AWT-M) Triathlor FC 650W (ETA650AWT-M) Triathlor FC 700W (ETA700AWT-M)
Expired Models

Revolution85+ Series
Revolution85+ 850W (ERV850EWT)
Revolution85+ 920W (ERV920EWT)
Revolution85+ 950W (ERV950EWT)
Revolution85+ 1020W (ERV1020EWT)
Revolution85+ 1050W (ERV1050EWT)
Revolution85+ 1250W (ERV1250EGT)

modu87 (1)

Modu87+ Series
Modu87+ 500W (EMG500AWT)
Modu87+ 600W (EMG600AWT)
Modu87+ 700W (EMG700AWT)
Modu87+ 800W (EMG800EWT)
Modu87+ 900W (EMG900EWT)


Pro87+ Series
Pro87+ 500W (EPG500AWT)
Pro87+ 600W (EPG600AWT)

All current high-end and mid-range models from Enermax are already prepared for the upcoming Intel processors. They are equipped with a DC-to-DC converter which enables the so-called ZERO Load Design. These power supplies will deliver rock-stable voltages even at 0W load. Also, the owners of older Enermax power supplies can rest easy as the manufacturer applies the ZERO Load Design already in all high-end power supplies since the Revolution85+ series which was launched back in 2008.

For more information please visit www.enermax.com.

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