G.Skill Ripjaws 4 DDR4-3000 Memory Review


This test utilizes the CPU to simulate gameplay. GPU load is kept low to keep each CPU core busy. The simulations run on 1 thread per CPU core while other threads are completing other tasks.


Although there are differences in the FPS (Frames per Second), those differences aren’t that large that RAM settings would have much effect in your game play.


The G.Skill Ripjaws4 DDR4 3000CL15 16GB kit has lived up to its expectations for RAM from G.Skill. This kit looks very promising for Enthusiasts and Extreme overclockers ALIKE. we would have pushed this RAM but we wanted to give you a guide to what we could achieve with safe day-to-day voltage. The stylish look of the heatspreaders and their ability to keep the RAM DIMM’s cool are a plus as noticed by touching the heatspreader during benchmarking.
16GB G.Skill RipJaws 4 3000MHz
Warranty is the standard limited lifetime as you see on all RAM kits from different manufactures. The RAM can handle high voltages such as 1.65V for benchers to get the maximum performance needed although we did not test the full potential out of this memory as said we aimed to keep the voltage as low as possible, we feel for those looking for a 3000MHz kit should very well consider the G.Skill Ripjaws4 DDR4 3000CL15 16GB kit for their next purchase in memory.


G.Skill memory has a great reputation, especially with PC enthusiasts, gamers,  overclockers and extreme overclockers. They have made DIMM’s using various IC’s from PSC on their DDR3 Pi series, Hynix IC’s on the Ripjaws line and with Samsung on their DDR3 TridentX line up.  Today, we have  G.Skill Ripjaws4 DDR4 3000CL15 16GB kit on the Bench with the product code F4-3000C15Q-16GRR. This particular kit uses Hynix MFR IC’s and are single sided DIMM’s. The new DDR4 range of RAM is the 4th generation in DDR (double data rate) SDRAM (synchronous dynamic random-access memory). Currently, the only platform to support DDR4…

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The G.Skill Ripjaws 4 3000CL15 16GB kit offers nice looks and is well designed. The kit has exceptional performance and can handle rather high voltages for benchers that need more out of their RAM.

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