Giada Technology Introduces N70E-DR Mini-ITX NAS Motherboard

Giada Technology has launched the GIADA N70E-DR motherboard, perfect for building entry-level NAS servers. With a NAS server built upon the Giada N70E-DR, customers can achieve a low-cost implementation for file sharing, data backup and media server functionality all while enjoying professional server functions, high-capacity, high-reliability, and high performance data security. The compact and powerful Mini ITX board design, takes up only 17x17cm in space and sports a Rich component interface.

GIADA N70E-DR Mini ITX NAS Motherboard

With the powerful integrated architecture of Intel’s Ivy Bridge, the Celeron C1007U processors feature performance with power consumption at only 17W. The motherboard’s chipset supports native RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, with data security protection. Dual high-performance Intel 82583V Gigabit Ethernet ports ensure efficient network channel operations. Intelligent hardware monitoring and management capabilities allow customers to keep abreast of the health of the system. With a TPM module one can effectively prevent various scenarios of illegal data access.

The GIADA N70E-DR motherboard was designed with long-term stability in mind. As such, the entire board uses high-quality solid capacitors with are totally enclosed with nickel core inductors. The board uses high-quality Power PAK MOSFETs. This helps to guarantee the system has stable operation over a long period of time.

GIADA N70E-DR Mini ITX NAS Motherboard

The GIADA N70E-DR provides six SATA Interfaces (two of which are SATA 3.0) with native RAID 0, 1, 5, 10. The board features 2 USB 3.0 high-speed data interface ports. There is also intelligent hardware monitoring and management functions such as the chassis out of the box alarm; CPU overheating alarm; and the abnormal power state alarm.

For data security the board provides a set of TPM pins for an optional TPM module for data security protection. To build a great, but cost efficient, NAS server simply start with the GIADA N70E-DR motherboard and install a popular NAS operating system like FreeNAS, the most popular option for user-built NAS systems – a free, open-source project that is easy to use and provides the features most users need.

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