Lenovo Unveils Unique Products At CES 2013, Exposes AMD Radeon HD 8950

While exploring the components of the X700, we found an unrevealed AMD Radeon HD 8950!

Lenovo (23)

You can see a tease of the card from the side of X700’s chassis, but it seems to be the generic stock design of AMD’s red and black shell:

Lenovo (24)

As for the most innovative, Lenovo’s aptly-named ThinkPad Twist wins hands-down. It looks like a normal laptop, but doubles as a tablet. You can twist it 360 degrees, and remove it from the base. It has the most inputs/outputs we have ever seen on a handheld device:

Lenovo (4) Lenovo (18)

Walking around, we also saw Lenovo’s HDTV’s and monitors. It seems as though Lenovo is really diversifying their ecosystem with a plethora of products and focusing on the theme of slimmer, glossy-black colours that match their entire catalogue.

Lenovo (25)

Finally we stopped by the mobile area, and saw the devices familiar to us from Lenovo. The Yoga tablet was hanging around…

Lenovo (11) Lenovo (22)

…as well as a variety of AMD and Intel notebooks ranging from size to features:
Lenovo (1)

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