Patriot EP Series Micro SD Card (32 GB) Review


Overall the Patriot EP Series Micro SD card is a great storage option for any action camera, camcorder, smartphone and tablet. The consistent performance ensures that you will not have any doubt in your mind when using your action camera. The capacities available for the EP series ensure that you can take as many selfies as you want on your smartphone (don’t worry … we’re not judging).


The 32 GB capacity we looked at today can be found on Amazon as low as $29.99, which is right in line with fellow UHS 3 micro SD Cards. On top of that, you are getting Patriot’s 5 year warranty. The only thing we would have liked to have seen with the Patriot EP Series Micro SD Card, is an adapter of some sort. It appears to be a common trend for fellow micro SD card manufactures to include at least a SD card adapter. However, even if this is only your second micro SD card, chances are you already have the adapter you need.

For the above reasons and more, Technology X has found the Patriot EP Series Micro SD card to be a great micro SD card, capable to capture many of those precious and unforgettable moments. For this, we award the Patriot EP Series Micro SD Card with our Bronze Seal!

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When it comes to flash storage, it seems as though each day we see a significant milestone reached, especially when it comes to the reduced size of today's flash modules. As this trend continues, camera and camcorder manufactures quickly adapt to allow these new modules to be used, which in turn allows for more physical space inside of the camera and camcorder for greater capabilities. And if it's not the increasing of space within the unit, it's the reduced physical size of the camera or camcorder. Today we are looking at the Patriot EP Series Micro SD Card, a minuscule SD…

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The Patriot EP Series Micro SD Card is fantastic micro SD card choice for any smartphone, tablet, camera and camcorder. Other then missing a SD Card adapter, we are head over heels for this micro SD card!

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