Apotop DW17 Wi-Reader Pro Review – An Excellent Multifaceted Mobile Companion

It seems as if the newest trend coming out from peripheral-based companies are a plethora of mobile companions. Starting off as battery-backup units, these devices have evolved further into capable media streamers, card readers, cloud storage clients, and wireless extenders/routers while still retaining their original purpose as a powerbank. We can effectively call them ‘mini-NAS’ units at this point.

Apotop DW17 Wi-Reader Pro

Now Apotop joins the fray with their new Wi-Reader Pro DW17, which features not one, not two, but all of the functions listed above. It is perhaps the first product that is not missing key elements lacking on competing devices of its kind.

Apotop DW17 Wi-Reader Pro

With such high standards however, there is always the risk of not delivering to the fullest potential. The $90 Apotop DW17 Wi-Reader Pro is seemingly the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to mobile companions, and looks like a big winner compared to its competition; we will see if it can live up to its title.


Apotop DW17 Wi-Reader Pro specifications

The specs are pretty standard, but fail to mention two unique features – a 10/100Mbps LAN/WAN port, as well as 40MHz wireless-N broadcasting. While most mobile companions with built-in wireless capabilities offer repeating modes for internet access, the DW17 is the first we have tested that comes with an ethernet port for a hard-wired router/gateway setup.

The Apotop Dw17 comes in a small box that has pertinent information on both the front and back. The front gives a quick layout of the features and technologies behind the unit, while the back expands on the fine details:

Apotop DW17 Wi-Reader Pro features

Contents include the DW17 Wi-Reader Pro, a micro USB to USB data/charging cable, and a quick-start pamphlet:

Apotop DW17 Wi-Reader Pro packaging contents

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