Genius GX Gaming Series Gila MMO/RTS Professional Gaming Laser Mouse Awarded Computex 2013 ‘Best Choice Award’

Genius today is proud to announce that the GX Gaming Series Gila MMO/RTS Professional Gaming Laser Mouse has been awarded the 2013 COMPUTEX Best Choice Award. Taking the award under the “Peripherals and Accessories” category, the Gila was judged under the criteria of functionality, innovation and market potential.

genius gila mouseGila is a twelve button professional gaming laser mouse with a dpi range from 200 to 8200 that allows gamers to not only make quick yet controlled movements and turns in the battlefield, but also allows for pinpoint accuracy when zooming in for the headshot by instantly dropping the dpi with a press of a button. Gila gives gamers even more precise control with its “Angle Snapping” function that raises cursor precision at high speeds and the “Sniper” function reduces the dpi so gamers are in control of cursor accuracy.

genius gila mouseThere are customization options for gamers, including: “Button Assignment”, “Macro Management” setups for up to 72 keys, and 16 million backlight color backlight options. It also has 30 grams built-in and a removable weight system including six metal weights – each 4.5 grams – so gamers can adjust the right heft and balance for any game or hand speed.
genius gila mouse“Gila represents the ideal of the GX Gaming Series with features and customizations that not only provide a pleasant gaming experience, but also enhances gaming performance. Genius is proud to have the GX Gaming Series Gila named as a 2013 COMPUTEX Best Choice Award Winner.” Said Jim Huang, Product Manager.
genius gila mouseThe Gila GX Series MMO/RTS Professional Gaming Laser Mouse will be displayed in Nangang Exhibition Hall 4F, booth number L0631a at 2013 COMPUTEX TAIPEI, which runs June 4-8, 2013.

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