Genius Releases X-G510 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Genius today released the X-G510, an ambidextrous Genius gaming mouse specially designed to give gamers an edge. Offering unparalleled precision, comfort and functionality, this six-button gaming mouse has the features gamers need to excel in battle, but in a straightforward look.

Genius X-G510 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Customizable Lighting System
Offering unique aesthetic customization options, the X-G510 features backlighting brightness and pulsation style that can be tuned to your liking. Enhancing the gaming atmosphere during low-light situations, the X-G510’s breathing-like lighting system gradually brightens and dims during game play.

On-The-Fly Adjustable Dpi: 500 to 2000
With a dpi button for adjusting dpi on the fly, mouse sensitivity can be adjusted in game as need fit — from low dpi while sniping to high dpi in chaotic free-for-all frag fests.

Lightning Fast Response Time
With a 1000 Hz polling rate for a lightning-fast 1 millisecond response time to aid in situations that require quick twitch reactions, this Genius gaming mouse is capable of keeping up with any gaming scenario.

Genius X-G510 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Onboard Memory for Macros & Button Assignments
Simplify the complicated controls of modern games by assigning them to the side or mouse wheel buttons on the X-G510. The user interface lets you store up to 21 macros in three gamer profiles, with up to 20 commands per macro, including pauses, giving you a competitive edge in the heat of battle. The macros are saved on the on-board memory of the X-G510 which means that macro-blocks in games won’t be able to stop you from using your macros. At LAN parties or competitions no time is lost tweaking exactly how you like to play.

Comfortable Grip & Connectivity
The Genius X-G510 not only gives you personalized control when hunting down your foes, but also provides a smooth, stable connection with a comfortable design. The non-slick rubber coating ensures a firm and comfortable grip when moving the mouse violently back and forth. Additionally, the 1.8 meter durable braided cable ensures long-lasting, high quality and tangle-free connections.

Genius X-G510 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Price & Availability
The X-G510 is now available in the US and Canada for the suggested retail price of $34.99.

DPI – Adjustable (500/1000/1500/2000)
Buttons – 6 (left, right, middle button with scroll, last and next page, DPI level)
Light System – User defined light system
User Interface – Genius UI

Genius X-G510 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

System Requirements:
CPU: Intel/AMD CPU 1GHz and above
RAM: 2 GB and above
Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP
Available USB Port

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