i-rocks M20E Illuminated Gaming Laser Mouse Review


The i-rocks M20E gaming mouse features RGB illuminated design. Using the switch on the bottom of the mouse, once you flick the switch to the “On” position, the mouse starts to  roll through the RGB color spectrum. If you flick it left to the “Lock” position, the mouse will lock in to the color you so choose. If you are a fan of the plain mirror finish, you can switch it off.

We kept the DPI and Polling rate maxed out at 1600 and 1000 respectively. We found that we were moving the mouse around and lifting it a bit more than we would like to. We would like to see the DPI could push up just a little bit higher. If so, we would recommend add some on-the-fly DPI switches.

When it comes to the comfort of the M20E, we were beyond surprised. Upon first glance, this really looks like a normal sized mouse, but when you start using it and you feel the increased size it’s actually comfortable and a little nicer to hold onto while gaming.

i-rocks M20E 6

Speaking of which, gaming with this mouse is a breeze. As we said before, we would have liked to have seen some easier DPI switching, possibly to a greater degree, but overall it performed well. The mirror like finish doesn’t collect fingerprints or smudge, and it is cool to the touch.


While we’ve pretty much covered off all of our bases already, we have yet to tell you the cost of this mouse, which is mostly due to the fact that finding this mouse to buy is rather difficult. We found it on a Taiwanese Yahoo site that advertises it for $1590, which we can only assume is New Taiwanese Dollars. Once exchanged, this works out to about $48 US ($65 CDN). Not a bad price for a slick looking performer that has a RGB color spectrum as well!

i-rocks M20E 10

As we have mentioned before, our only real quirk with this mouse was the limited DPI scale and controls. Something we believe is rather a necessity when you think of gaming mice. This mouse doesn’t come with a graphical user interface, is it necessary – not really and we don’t think it would necessarily make this mouse any better.

Overall, we are very impressed with the i-rocks M20E Illuminated Gaming Mouse, so much that we see the i-rocks brand in the future, we will know that the product will be a solid performer. We are proud to award i-rocks and the M20E with our Silver Seal of Approval!

Tech X Silver Seal Opt

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Whenever you hear of a company that may not be that brand name you are used to hearing, it could be considered that this brand may not live up to the expectations of that brand name you know so well. However, when you bring that brand home and release that it is almost exceeding expectations, you become pleasantly surprised. Today we would like to introduce to you, i-rocks and their M20E illuminated gaming laser mouse. As part of their Golem Series, this gaming mouse is one name you should remember the next time you go out shopping for your next gaming…

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The i-rocks M20E illuminated gaming mouse is a solid performer that can give you a light show as well! For a low price you can get an excellent gaming mouse, but that's if you can find it in North America.

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