Mobee Magic Feet Review – Wireless Charging For Apple Users


To install the battery pack into the Apple magic mouse is really quite simple. You begin by removing the battery cover and two AA batteries from the mouse, and continue to place the Mobee Magic Feet battery pack into the mouse.

Mobee Magic Feet Magic Mouse Battery Pack Install 1

The battery pack almost looks as though it came from the factory with your Apple magic mouse, other than the Mobee logo, it is hard to tell that this was not a factory option for your Mac computer.

Mobee Magic Feet Magic Mouse Battery Pack Install 2

The mouse feels and operates with the same precision as it did previously, and does not weigh any more than your typical magic mouse.


Similar to the battery pack for the magic mouse, the battery pack for Apple’s wireless keyboard is just as easy to install. Using a coin or a screwdriver, loosen the screw found on the left side of your keyboard. Remove the two AA batteries, and simply screw in the Mobee Magic Feet battery pack. Additionally, if you own an Apple Trackpad, you can follow similar instructions to replace the batteries.

Mobee Magic Feet Wireless Keyboard Battery Pack Install

The only visual difference you will realize with the wireless keyboard battery pack is the small end that remains protruding from your wireless keyboard. Understandably, this end inserts into the charging base for inductive charging, but it would have been an interesting concept if the battery pack was able to charge through the wireless keyboards aluminum casing with the Magic Feet. This is not to steal any thunder away from the Mobee Magic Feet, as it has increasingly proven itself to be more useful and convenient each day that the batteries are not needed to be replaced.

Mobee Magic Feet Wireless Keyboard


The Mobee Magic Feet inductive charging capabilities are uncompromised and, in short, amazing. Over the period of time that we had the opportunity to utilize the charging base and battery packs, we have noticed that the overall convenience and cost saving capabilities are excellent.

Mobee Magic Feet Featured 1

The price for such magnificence is listed as $149.99, and has been found on Amazon for $140.94. Considering the amount of money that could be saved by using this product, this price is quite acceptable knowing that you are no longer throwing money away with disposable batteries.

The Mobee Magic Feet is an excellent option for both home and office users, and should be considered by all as this wireless charging initiative functions perfectly and seamlessly with Apple’s input devices. The Mobee Magic Feet is well-deserving of the Technology X Editor’s Choice Award. If you are interested in learning more about Mobee and their lineup of products to compliment your Apple input devices, please visit their website here.

Tech X Editors Choice Opt

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A lot of talk these days are in regards to being “environmentally-friendly” or saving the environment, and it really is great to see companies and manufactures that take that extra step to create a product that is geared towards this initiative. Especially when the product is visually appealing and its functionality are as exceptional as its purpose. Bring in Mobee, a company geared towards creating stylish products that match the Apple product lineup, that further help to increase product efficiency and making them an environmentally-friendly option. Being an iMac user, one of the most frustrating instances that can occur is…

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Must Have Apple Input Charger!

The Mobee Magic Feet wireless charger for your Apple magic mouse and keyboard is an astonishing product that should accompany every iMac that is sold. While the Magic Feet performs exceptionally, it saves your hard-earned money at the same time

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  1. Just a question: is the usb hub usb 3 or usb 2?

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