Plantronics Shows Off New Line of Rig Gaming Headsets – CES 2015 Update

On our last day at CES 2015 we had the chance to stop by the Plantronics booth, and take a look at some of their new line of gaming headsets.



The first headset we checked out was the Rig Surround, which is a gaming headset featuring 7.1 surround sound, as well as compatibility for PCs, smartphones and tablets. The headset connects to the PC via a USB cable from its included amp + mixer combo, it features a 40mm driver, with a response of 20Hz-20kHz.

It also features three EQ settings: Pure for improved voice clarity, Intensify for bass and mid-range boost, and Seismic for “earthshaking bass without rumbling or distortion.”


The headset is very lightweight and the cups feature a breathable material to help keep wearing it comfortable for long sessions.

rig-mixerThe mixer is able to connect simultaneously to both a PC and a smartphone or tablet, so you can take calls while in-game and hear both the game chat and your calls at the same time, there’s a two microphones and toggle included on mixer to switch between each, allowing you to keep your conversations separate.

It also features a detachable boom-microphone that can be replaced with an in-line microphone, which is currently not included with the Rig Surround, but is with other SKUs. It is available now and priced at $99.


plantronics_rig_mobile plantronis_rig_flex_mobile

The Rig Flex is a a lightweight mobile headset that is essentially exactly the same as the Surround, except it comes in stereo only, with Analog only out and inputs and no dedicated amp/mixer. The Speakers will swivel and lay-flat for easy storage, and it includes inter-changeable boom and in-line microphones.

The Rig Flex is also available now and is priced at $79.



The standard Rig gaming headset is made for consoles, including the PS3 and Xbox 360, and PS4. The Xbox One is currently not supported due to its need for additional hardware. It connects via analog or optical audio to your console or TVs audio output and supports the same smartphone and tablet support as the Rig Surround, so you can take calls while in-game, and toggle your microphone between the two. It also includes the inter-changeable Boom and In-line microphones.

It is available in Black or White in universal or or Xbox-only models and is priced at $99.

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