Rosewill Introduces New Chassis And Entry Into Networking Peripherals At CES 2013

Rosewill is known worldwide for their wide array of products, but aside from a few wireless adapters and components, total home and office networking is one area that was lacking…until now. At CES 2013 in Vegas, Rosewill gave TechnologyX a tour of their suite and surprised us with their new line of networking products.

Rosewill (6)

Rosewill is focusing on 802.11n as this is a brand new endeavour by the company (so no 802.11ac at the moment). Products include a 24-port gigabit switch, wireless n adapters (USB and PCI capable), wireless n 300mbps routers, and 500mbps powerline kits. I am glad to see Rosewill hitting the more productive market; 500mbps for an entry into powerline is quite exceptional.

Rosewill (22)

The next big things we saw were Rosewill’s cases, most notably their new Throne case. It looks like something out of a movie. I relate to more  of a cathedral-like window pane. Seeing it for myself, the Throne’s white and blue colours looked absolutely stunning (it also comes in a black and red LED flavour).

Rosewill (23) Rosewill (27)

The Throne is more of an expansion of the Thor, and the size really cuts an imposing figure; but do not take my word for it. Just take a look at this beautiful build:

Rosewill (25)

Rosewill (26)

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