Tt eSports Verto Gaming Headset Review – Lightweight and Mobile-Friendly



The Tt eSports Verto is an extremely lightweight headset, especially when compared to my personal pair (Corsair Vengeance 1500v2), We found it to be very comfortable while wearing and never felt weighed down or like any of the wires were in my way.


The auto adjustable headband really does work and it makes the headset fit well with ease. The padding on the headset is also really nice and just soft enough. Although the padding around the ear-cups is just a little more firm than we’d like, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker. Comfort is definitely one of the best things about this headset.


We tested the headset on several different devices including a PC via both on-board sound and a dedicated sound card (ASUS Xonar Essence STX), and a Samsung Galaxy S 4. All of which delivered similar results with the dedicated sound card and the S4 sounding the best. We used the headphones as we normally would; listened to music (320KBPS MP3), watched movies, played a few rounds of Battlefield 4 and made some calls both on the phone and via Skype on the PC. – Basically, everything you’d expect to do with a gaming headset.


The headphones provide a fairly complete sound, sometimes sounding a little hallow while listening to music. We were actually quite surprised with the bass on this headset as it is not self-powered and is driven purely by the audio device you plug it in to, fortunately this hasn’t been a problem and if anything is a bonus because it allows you to use this device with any mobile device without carrying around batteries.

The Omni-directional microphone provides crystal clear audio, during Skype calls we received no complaints. This is one area we were was surprised with because we were definitely expecting to be underwhelmed with the microphone, however this is not the case.


When it comes to gaming peripherals and more specifically, gaming headsets. Thermaltake isn’t exactly the first name you think of. – In fact, we’ll wager to say it’s probably pretty far down the list. But after spending time with the Tt eSports Verto, we can say with confidence that will change. Themaltake has managed to make a stylish, durable headset that is also ultra-mobile, allowing you to easily carry them to LAN parties and other events.

tt_esports_verto_promoThe Verto is not only lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear, but provides excellent overall sound quality, especially when you consider its $80 price.We’d even go as far as to say that these would make a good substitute to a pair of traditional headphones, as they offer similar audio quality to virtually any pair of headphones in their price range, while also being a gaming headset.

If Thermaltake continues to offer this type of quality and features in their gaming peripherals, We have no doubts that they’ll easily be able to take on the likes of Corsair and Razer. We can easily recommend the Tt eSports Verto to anyone in the market for a premium gaming headset in the $80 price range.

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In competitive gaming one of the most important things is sound. Whether it be for communicating with your teammates or listening for the footsteps of your enemy, the right gaming headset can be the difference between clutching a 1v3, and getting shot in the back unexpectedly. This is why we're pleased to have the opportunity today to take a look at the Tt eSports Verto gaming headset by Thermaltake. The packing of the product is actually quite nice. It features a large image of the headset itself with a black and red color scheme which matches the product. It also displays…

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The Tt eSports Verto is a stylish and durable, lightweight headset that provides great sound quality while also being mobile-friendly.

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  1. What good is a review of any audio product without mentioned how they sound? Yes, I know it’s subjective, but the review is basically just an unpack, look, and re-state the manufacturer’s specs. Useless for any real comparison!

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