ZOTAC’s CES 2013 Booth Walkthrough – A Refresh of Mini-HTPC’s

The wonderful Annie Kan, Creative Manager of ZOTAC, gave me a great tour of the ZOTAC booth this evening. The company has come out with next-generation models of their HTPC line, which sells very well. The small ZBOX PC’s come in a variety of flavours; one in particular is so extremely tiny that it utilizes a lone mSATA SSD!

zotac zotac

The ID42 and Nano ZBOX’s come in AMD (green-ringed) and Intel (blue-ringed) versions. They also come in semi-assembled barebone kits:

zotac Aside from these, ZOTAC showcased their already-present graphics cards (such as the infamous AMP! edition cards), as well as new Intel and AMD mini-ITX motherboards. The Intel boards still hold true to Atom, but there are H77’s present for those newer processors:
Zotac (3) Zotac (2)
Finally I got to check out a custom-made BitFenix Prodigy mini-PC featuring ZOTAC’s NVIDIA GTX 680 GPU. The entire setup looked exquisite, and I played a couple of minutes of Borderlands 2 without any hiccups.

Zotac (1)

It may not be much, but ZOTAC is definitely showing why they are so well rooted and respected in the gaming community, especially with their new refresh of products aimed at both casual and hardcore media consumers.

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