PNY Introduces Its New PowerPack Line and Other Products at CES Las Vegas 2013


Just a day before CES 2013 we were invited to the PNY suite at The Mirage for a product tour. The lovely Bernadette Brijlall showed us a HUGE line up of all current PNY products including their partnership with HP. They were keen to show us a new PowerPack USB battery solution for Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry smartphones available in 3 sizes. The smallest is a 2600mAh; it’s a perfect grab and go battery and can give you one full charge.


Trust me when I say this thing is super tiny. Aesthetically it’s pretty good-looking brushed aluminum, with an easy to read digital display that tells you how much of a charge you have remaining. PNY was eager to explain the concept thoroughly, explaining that circles or squares don’t really tell the user anything about the battery life, which certainly is true. The 5200mAh can charge two devices at the same time. The largest 7800mah, while still being very small, is roughly around the size of a passport HDD and is capable of charging a smart phone three times. For more information including the MSRP for each item check out PNY’s website.

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