Sideload Android Apps on the Kindle Fire – Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is an amazing device but some Android applications never make it to the Kindle Store. Here’s a little trick that enables you to download applications from the Google Play Store and transfer them to your Kindle Fire. Several sites will post Android application apk files, but this procedure will get you a copy right from the store, virtually eliminating this risk of viruses or even worse.


In order to sideload Android applications on to a Kindle Fire, you will require the following components:

  • Kindle Fire
  • Android Device (Only requirement is Google Play Store)
  • Computer
  • Charging/Data Cable


  • The first step required to sideload the applications is to download App Backup & Restore from the Google Play Store onto your Android Device. This application essentially creates a backup of your applications that are currently installed on your Android device, and reveals them from a hidden part of your device. This will then allow you to save this backup onto a micro SD card, or to the cloud if you so wish. Typically, this app is great for keeping your apps safe, in case a minor catastrophe were to occur, such as a device crash. This would allow for you to quickly re-install your previous applications and go right back to where you were before the crash happened.
  • The next step is to download Easy Installer application onto your Kindle Fire, which is found on the Amazon app store. This application simply allows you to install .APK files, which are Android applications. This file type is almost like an executable file for Windows or a DMG file for Mac OS X.
  • Next, using your Android device open the App Backup & Restore and simply press the backup button. This will move your Android Apps from that hidden location to a public directory.
  • Now for probably the hardest step. Both your Android Device and your Kindle Fire need to have USB Mode enabled. USB Mode allows the device sot communicate with a computer via a USB data cable, but most manufacturers will disable this as a factory default setting. This can be achieved by different methods for many devices and if you are unsure about the method for your device, we encourage you to thoroughly read through your devices instruction manual before proceeding.
  • For our example, we will be using a device that is currently running Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). To do this, we go to Settings, Wireless and Networks and choose USB Utilities and tap Connect Storage to PC. Now you would take your data cable, and connect your Android device into your computer. A notification should appear, asking you whether you would like to turn on USB Storage, this is where you would press “Turn on USB Storage”.
  • Now on your computer, navigate to your newly connected Android device using Windows Explorer. As you are navigating through your device, you are looking for a folder named “App_Backup_Restore”. In this file you will find all the applications that are backed-up from your Android Device. Simply, copy these files and paste them to another folder on your computer. At this point you can press “Turn off USB Storage” and remove the USB cable from the Android device.
  • Using your Kindle Fire, plug your USB cable into the device, the same way as you previously did for your Android device. Once your Kindle Fire is connected, drag down your notification bar so that you can go to More, Device, and tap Allow Installation from Unknown Sources. This will mount the Kindle Fire so that you can access the files in the file system of your Kindle Fire.
  • In Windows Explorer you should see Kindle showing up as an external drive. Once opened, you will see all of the files that are accessible in the root directory of the Kindle Fire. It is at this point that you would copy  your applications that you previously saved from your Android device, and paste onto your Kindle Fire. If you wish, you can remove your USB cable from the Kindle Fire.
  • Next, open the Easy Installer application on your Kindle Fire. When you have this application open you will find all the available applications that you can now install onto your Kindle Fire that you previously could not. It is as simple as pressing “Install” and watching as your applications are installed onto your Kindle Fire.

Sideload Android Apps Kindle Fire

By following a simple set of instructions, it is relatively simple to load almost any Android application onto your Kindle Fire. If you have any questions or are looking for assistance in this process, we encourage you to click on the link below and post your situation on our forums.

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