Luxa2 By Thermaltake TX-P1 and TX-200 Single and Dual Qi Enabled Wireless Charger Review


As similar as both the TX-P1 and the TX-200 look, they are different as the TX-200 cannot be considered a portable charger ‘on the go’.  It is a station, connected via power outlet, and can charge three devices simultaneously, two wirelessly and one by cord. Very much like the TX-P1, the TX-200 is a very simple design and constructed of plastic with an aluminum feel and look.  There are two rubberized charging rings on top of the device that protect your mobile phone from damage.

TX-200 With Universal Kit

There are only two LEDs on the TX-200 that flash when charging, different from the TX-P1 that has additional LEDs to identify its internal 5000 mAH battery charge.  The TX-200 runs on 5V1A power, also includes a universal battery pack that enables its use in several countries, and has a two year warranty included

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In our use, charging with both phones went flawlessly and we found that the charger is capable of about 15-20% charge per hour.  Once again, we were annoyed by the audible beep that let’s us know that the device is connected, a similar beep also being present on the phone itself.

Luxa2 TX-200 Dual Wireless Mobile Charger PackagingA quick check of Amazon displays pricing just a few bucks higher than the TX-P1 at $59.  Once again, take a look at a quick promotional video by Luxa2:

Check out Luxa2 TX-200 Pricing at Amazon


Anything that makes my life simpler gets points right off the bat.  Do this in a simplistic design that is easy to get running and has a decent price and you know it will be doing well in our eyes.  Both the Luxa2 TX-P1 and TX-200 wireless charging stations do just that.

Luxa2 TX-200 Dual Wireless Mobile Charger Marketing

As coincident as things turned out, I had committed to spending the weekend testing gadgets and also reported on the Bayan Audio Sounbox.  Both have now taken up permanent shelter on my desk while the Bayan plays ‘Bye Bye American Pie by Don McLean wirelessly from my Galaxy Note II which remains charged on the Luxa2 TX-200 Charger. This is how I see it!

Desk Pik

In consideration of the build, ease of use, features, price and warranty of  both the TX-P1 and TX-200, we are awarding both Editor’s Choice for doing their part to make life that much easier.

Editors Choice-TechX copy Opt


Our review today examines the new Luxa2 TX-P1 and TX-200 Wireless Qi Enabled Charging Receivers by Thermaltake.  The TX-P1 is a single wireless charger that allows for a second device being charged  simultaneously via cable and the TX-200 is a dual wireless charger that provides for the charging of two devices wirelessly and one via charging cable. Both devices are Qi charge pack compatible and mobile devices must have the charge-pack installed for wireless charging.  For our review, we are using two Luxa2 Wireless Charging Receivers and Qi Charge Packs can be found at Amazon for about $10. For those…

Review Overview

Build and Appearance
Product Features
Ease of Use

Mobile Device Wireless Charging Heaven!

Both the Luxa2 (by Thermaltake) TX-20 single and TX200 dual wireless mobile charges provide a very easy to use, attractive and affordable option in charging your mobile smartphones. Not only do we recommend both, we have purachased additional for our team!

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