The Samsung vs Apple War Continues (Or is that Apple vs Samsung)

Just when Apple lovers thought it was safe to show their face once again with the new Apple releases, Samsung deals some great videos to raise the bar once again.  There is no need to refresh all on the Apple vs Samsung history but, it is rather amusing when we think of the former CEO and late Steve Jobs statement when asked about Samsung’s newest Galaxy Note 2 some time back, “No one is going to buy a big phone“.


The amusing part of this story lies in the fact that this writer SWEARS by his Blackberry Z30, even though it doesn’t have an included pen like the Galaxy.  The simple truth of the matter is, however, that Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone users will never understand true multi-tasking until they have experienced the Blackberry 10 OS.  Anyway…. back to the Samsung vs Apple battles and enjoy these videos folks!

Now if they don’t get you laughing… remember this!

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