Lenovo Introduces $429 X131e Chromebook Variant Focused Towards Education Environments

Lenovo’s ThinkPad lineup has always garnered the company much respect and success over the years, and it seems as though that will continue for a long time to come. Already having a Windows 8 variant, the ThinkPad X131e will come with Google’s Chrome OS starting February 26, effectively making it a Chromebook.

lenovo X131e

Samsung and Acer are already in the Chromebook race, and Lenovo becomes the third to incorporate the cloud-based Chrome OS into their products. Unlike Acer’s C7 and Samsung’s Series 5 which retail for $199 and $249 respectively, Lenovo’s X131e comes with a price tag of $429, albeit with much more powerful components.

The 11.6-inch X131e laptop features an Intel processor, a 1366×768 HD LED anti-glare screen, and three USB ports. Furthermore, it is designed with students in mind. In an environment where devices are bound to get roughed-up, Lenovo have added rugged features to the X131e in order to increase functionality and durability. At less than four pounds and battery life for the entire school day, students can easily carry the laptop between classes without the need to recharge.

lenovo X131e

“The ThinkPad X131e has proven to be very successful in education environments,” said Jerry Paradise, executive director of product marketing, ThinkPad Product Group. “With the rugged features we added to the X131e, we’ve seen reduced failure rates in the field. This is a huge benefit to schools and students. We’re pleased to be able to offer this hardened ThinkPad Chromebook as a great computer for schools.”

While the X131e is more beefy internally compared to the competition, chances are good the Intel processor will not be a high-end Core i5/i7 – made even better by the fact that Chrome OS is not resource intensive. The $429 price tag is quite high compared to the $249 from Samsung and $199 from Acer; but with the sturdy design, company branding and reputation, and target market, the X131e from Lenovo should be an invaluable investment for any student.

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