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On Line Or In Line Which Are You

Are you like me and don’t mind crowds, lines and actually like the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping?   I purposely leave my stocking stuffers until the 23rd of December just so I can be a part of the craziness. I will attest that I do not like the parking lots, it’s a good time to use a taxi, …

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Black Friday Unbelievable 50-95% Off Finds! – All Week

Perhaps the most difficult thing about navigating through the incredible deals on Black Friday is the mass chaos and disorganization of it all.  Some of us work all day and, well let’s face it…  we really don’t want to have to try to find things through the mess of websites and sales.  Let’s make it real easy, re4gardless of what …

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Well today’s the day and if there is any time of the year to make the jump to SSDs, it’s this morning.  What is an SSD and what can it do for you?  An SSD, or solid state drive, replaces your computers hard drive and makes it faster, quieter, cooler, runs less power and…well let’s face it, it changes the …

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