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Intel Rumored to Switch Back to FIVR in 2017

The Haswell platform was where Intel introduced FIVR or the fully integrated voltage regulator unit. This placed some of the VR (Voltage Regulation) on the die allowing for motherboards to have less power phases on board. For the upcoming Skylake and including next years Kaby Lake, Intel has decided to go back to the traditional power delivery system with voltage …

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Intel’s Kaby Lake to Succeed Skylake in 2016

Intel has once again changed its roadmap and will introduce what we believe to be a Skylake refresh CPU code-named Kaby Lake. Kaby Lake will be compatible with the upcoming 100 series LGA1151 motherboards just like Devils Canyon was too Haswell. Kaby Lake processors made using 14nm FinFET process technology and will feature two or four cores.   Kaby Lake …

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