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TYLT Band, Y-Charge, And Energi 5k+ Review – Mobile Accessories To Keep Your Gear Charged

TYLT is a company that reinvents the way we think of our mobile accessories. There is no reason why every car-charging adapter needs to be the same design, or why our tablet/smartphone use should be limited to the duration allowed by the battery size that is determined by the manufacturer. TYLT has created some innovative products to further diversify our …

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Patriot FUEL+ Mobile Rechargeable 7800mAh Battery Power Bank Review – 2.5A USB Charging Makes Its Mark

A few months ago Patriot unveiled their new FUEL+ line. Fast-forward to the present, and the now-released power banks are quietly distinguishing themselves as the best¬†rechargeable mobile battery packs in the market. Rated between 1500mAh and 9000mAh, each of the seven flavours comes with its own unique design. We will be reviewing the 7800mAh model, which is the second-highest of …

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