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Corsair H60 120mm AIO Liquid Cooler Review

Coolers are an integral part of any PC. Air coolers are on their way out as prices of AIO’s drop significantly which provides room for the budget coolers to make their way into consumers builds.Were going to check out Corsair’s H60 AIO cooler today and run it through a few of our own tests. We are also going to be …

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Flir Flaunts VR Thermal Imaging — CES 2017 Update

Virtual Reality (VR) has a very large presence at CES this year, with the bulk of the VR displays being geared toward VR gaming.  People may not be aware that there a number of other useful tasks that VR can perform. Flir is involved in bringing thermal imaging into the VR arena.  First developed for military and law enforcement applications, …

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