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Polar Welcomes Wrist-Based Heart Rate Monitor

Polar has recently unveiled an upgrade to their A360 line, now incorporating heart rate monitoring. The Polar A360 is a colourful alternative to other heart rate/fitness tracking wearables, such as the FitBit Charge HR. “The key to achieving Polar’s well-known accuracy relies on how data is recorded by the sensor, and then how it is interpreted. We developed our own …

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Intel Press Conference – CES 2015 Update

We had the chance to check out Intel’s Press Conference yesterday, and while interesting it definitely lacked in desktop hardware announcements. Instead, Intel focused on 3D cameras and wearable’s, the latter of which seems to be a running theme of CES 2015. INTEL REALSENSE 3D CAMERA Intel spent the bulk of the show talking about their RealSense 3D camera technology, …

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