Today’s Technology Tomorrow’s Travel

As the Christmas period embarks upon us, I’ve been reflecting on all the travel we have done. Planes, trains and automobiles…or so the saying goes. This shot displays our main form of transportation while visiting the islands of Thailand.

These days it seems, it is more common to travel the world then to buy a home. Some people travel for work, some to work, for pleasure, sporting events, family visits; the list goes on.  There was a time when people were content and excited to watch and learn about travel on television. It was a thing that dreams were based on. When this Pirate ship went  by, I was in awe of the people sailing on it.

While I do still like to use a travel agent for some vacations, it is so easy to arrange yourself.  Everyone can now plan and book their own beach vacations with the click of a button. Technology has not only given us the option to see more from our livingroom couch but to actually be there. I’m not sure if it is actually cheaper, people are making more money or a shift in priorites, but travel is increasing.

More and more people are opting away from possessions and working on memories.  Whether we are using technology to arrange, save or enhance those memories, there is no doubt it plays a part.  This photo shows one of the ways that we get around while at CES. It is the largest Consumer Electronics Show (in case you have never been) held in Las Vegas each year, giving us an opportunity to see first hand where technology is taking us next.

So, if you have a traveler on your Christmas list and think it’s going to be hard to find them an appropriate gift, think again.  It is really easy and can be so cost effective.  As simple as a travel wallet, to protect there important documents to the splurge of a new iPad or camera. Here are a few suggestions we have reviewed for you, for the:

There are so many ideas you can come up with to ensure that they have a safe, fun-filled trip.  Do you have a favorite? Chime in on our comments below.

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