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Scot Strong

Scot Strong is an automotive parts professional with 30 years experience in proprietary dealership computer systems, as well as a technology freak. He has been repairing, upgrading, and building personal and business computers for over ten years, has written articles for automotive parts management publications, and is a regular contributor at our sister site,

Seagate ST3000DM001 3TB HDD Review – Large Capacity At A Low Price!

Seagate is one of the oldest producers of HDD storage solutions in the industry, having started out in 1978 before becoming publicly traded in 1981. Seagate has certainly made its contributions to the consolidations taking place in the storage industry in the last few years, acquiring the likes of Maxtor (2005), LaCie (08/2012), LSI from Avago (05/2014), and backup and …

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Micron Announces Low-Power “Ultra” LPDDR4 DRAM and G18 Parallel NOR For Automotive Market

Micron Technology, a leading producer of flash memory devices, is announcing availability of their new ultra high-speed, ultra reliable and ultra high-temperature parallel NOR Flash memory and low-power DDR4 (LPDDR4) DRAM memory designed for the ever-increasing memory requirements of today’s advance automotive systems. Micron’s latest G18 NOR series represents the industry’s highest-performing parallel NOR, while their new automotive-grade LPDDR4 offerings …

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Samsung Begins Mass Production Of Industry’s First 8Gb GDDR5 Graphics DRAM

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world-leading producer of advanced memory technology devices, is announcing that it has begun mass production of the industry’s first 8 gigabit (8Gb) GDDR5 DRAM that is based on their leading-edge 20nm process technology. GDDR5 is currently the world’s most widely-used discrete graphics memory. Discrete graphics DRAM provides a wide amount of bandwidth for processing high-quality …

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Auto Makers Show Off New Tech – CES 2015 Update

We are continuing our explorations of CES 2015 today by hitting the North Hall where most of the key automobile manufacturers have set up their displays. The common technology themes we are seeing relate to connectivity, intuitive controls, fuel cell vehicles and automated driving assistance. Follow along as we take you through what we saw and investigated manufacturer by manufacturer, in the same …

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Zotac Announces New Graphics Cards And Mini-PCs – CES 2015 Update

Our first private meeting today was with Zotac, a premier producer of graphics cards and mini-PCs.  Buu Ly, Zotac’s Global Product Marketing Manager, started off by showing us their latest graphics cards, including a pair of GeForce GTX970-based cards geared towards gaming enthusiasts.  Zotac is labeling these as their GTX970 Core Editions. These latest GeForce GTX970 cards move away from …

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Samsung Announces Deal With Ubisoft — Free Copy Of Assassin’s Creed Unity With Purchase of UD590 Monitor Or 850 PRO SSD

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., is announcing their collaboration with Ubisoft, developer of Assassin’s Creed and numerous other popular games, to offer a free download of their latest game, Assassin’s Creed Unity, with the purchase of either a Samsung UD590 28” monitor, or with the purchase of a Samsung 850 PRO series SSD. These Samsung PC peripherals are ideal for gaming, …

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Samsung Announces Mass Production of Industry’s First 20nm-based 8Gb DDR4 Memory for Enterprise Servers

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world-leading producer of memory devices, is announcing that it has begun mass production of the industry’s first and most advanced 8Gb DDR4 memory and 32GB modules. Both of these will be manufactured utilizing Samsung’s new 20-nm (nanometer) process technology, and are geared toward use in enterprise servers. Using these new 8Gb DDR4 chips, Samsung initiated …

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