Zotac Announces New Graphics Cards And Mini-PCs – CES 2015 Update

Our first private meeting today was with Zotac, a premier producer of graphics cards and mini-PCs.  Buu Ly, Zotac’s Global Product Marketing Manager, started off by showing us their latest graphics cards, including a pair of GeForce GTX970-based cards geared towards gaming enthusiasts.  Zotac is labeling these as their GTX970 Core Editions.

GTX970 core edition 1

These latest GeForce GTX970 cards move away from being feature-heavy in favor of being all about performance.  A system built with two of these in SLI configuration will deliver unbelievably smooth and gorgeous 4K gameplay.  At an anticipated price point of sub-$400, these two new graphics cards could easily become a hit.  Watch for an upcoming review of one of these here on TechnologyX once review samples become available.

GTX970 core edition 2

Zotac’s largest growth area has been their mini-PCs.  Their upcoming ZBOX lineup will include an expanded ZBOC-X pico family, a new E-series gaming version, new passive C-series models, and even a quad-display version.


The passive-cooling ZBOX C-series nano mini-PC family gets a new model designated as the C1321 nano.  The C1321 features an Intel dual core processor, dual Gigabit LAN, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and is dual-channel memory ready.


The E-series gaming mini-PC lineup gets a refresh, and now includes the new EN860, which adds G-Sync support to enable fluid gameplay and amazing performance.  The EN860 also features support for multiple monitors to enable surround view, and functionality for 4K display at 60Hz — and keep in mind that this thing only measures 188mm (7.40″) square by 51mm (1.77″) thick.


Zotac’s second generation of PICO series ZBOX features both AMD and Intel versions, with added connectivity in a pocketable form factor.  The ZBOX pico includes dual-display support, Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.o.

ZBOX pico

Also on display was a ZBOX mini-PC that supports up to four displays, and is versatile enough for either personal or business use.  Zotac was also displaying a ZBOX mini-PC that can accommodate up to two 2.5″ SATA drives (such as laptop-style SSDs).

four displays

The coolest thing by far on display were a pair of custom-modded ZBOX Sphere OI520 mini-PCs.  The first mod has become a wicked looking skull that can rotate back and forth, as well as a lower jaw that opens and closes (this is done using a small remote).  Sunglasses and sideburns are nice finishing touches to the mod. The second mod took the form of a StarWars-style Death Star.  These mods are both fully functional mini-PCs.

ZBOX Sphere skull

We then sat down with Chinny Chuang, Zotac’s Global Marketing Director to chat about these new products, as well as Zotac’s short-term and longer-term product plans. Chinny expects their award-winning ZBOX mini-PCs to continue to experience strong growth.  Most of Zotac’s new products that were on display are anticipated to be available no later than late Q2 of 2015.  This time frame also corresponds with Computex 2015, and they may be planning to time some of their availability announcement to coincide.

ZBOX Sphere Death Star

Visit Zotac’s website here for more information on these and other Zotac products.

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