Chasing the Corvette C7 Z06 – GM’s Pursuit of Auto Perfection

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It goes without saying that the new Corvette Z06 has become the most widely discussed sports car of this past year. With the first production run hitting the streets last fall, car enthusiasts worldwide watched closely as many jumped to validate (or refute) GM’s almost too good to be true claims of Z06 build and performance. Where several forums were flooded with opinions from both sides of the fence even before rubber touched pavement, few could dispute that today’s new Corvette Z06 just might be the most complete Corvette build to date. Totally stock, it is capable of 0-60 mph…

Review Overview

Overall Material Build
Curb Appeal that attracts Crowds
Record Breaking Track Performance
Five Year Industry leading Warranty
Value of Many 5 Times the Price!

650HP/650ft-lb Torque!

The Corvette Z06 is the only supercar available today under that infamous $100,000 mark. It brings an incredible build, great looks, amazing performance, world-class comfort and value to so many that could never have imagined such!

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  1. Well, I’m not even sure how to put a graphics card review next to this. Great work Les, and I’m glad to see you’re enjoying it.

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