Auto Makers Show Off New Tech – CES 2015 Update


Our next stop is at the Hyundai display area.  Hyundai’s CES 2015 presence is about connected cars, voice recognition, hand gesture controls, wearable devices, smartphone apps, and fuel cell technology. Hyundai’s collection of new technologies highlight advanced infotainment features and driver assistance systems.

hyundai gray azera

The level of interaction between driver and vehicle that is being enabled by these technologies is becoming downright incredible.  Hyundai’s 2015 Genesis features a futuristic head-up display (HUD) that includes driving information such as Smart Cruise Control status, navigation, blind spot detection, forward collision avoidance and lane departure detection.  Hyundai has even linked the augmented HUD to a wearable band.  The band will vibrate when the lane departure warning system is activated, or when another vehicle is about to unexpectedly enter the driver’s lane.  It is also a heart rate monitor that can notify 911 if a driver’s heart rate changes too rapidly.  Below we see Hyundai’s award-winning version of zero-emissions fuel cell technology.

hyundai white fuel cell vehicle


Next up is the Chevrolet display area. Also prominently displayed within were a number of OnStar mini-kiosks.  Chevrolet’s CES 2015 presence was promoting new levels of driver assurance through significant advancements in vehicle diagnostics that will soon allow drivers to predict future service needs.  The latest generation of industry-leading prognostic technology can predict and notify drivers when certain components need attention – often before vehicle performance is negatively impacted.  The predictive technology is initially focused on the battery, starter, and fuel pump as they are all critical components that have the capability of leaving a driver stranded if they fail. Other components will be added in future versions. Combined with the latest OnStar capabilities, which include various means of driver notification of vehicle performance and maintenance requirements, Chevrolet’s latest vehicles have the ability to keep owners informed and empowered to hit the road with confidence that every trip will be problem-free.

chevy spark

The Chevrolet Spark is the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the Chevrolet lineup. The gasoline engine version is EPA-rated for 39 MPG.  The Spark EV is the electric-only version that has a range of 82 miles on a full charge, every mile being emissions-free.

chevy colorado

The Colorado mid-size pickup is an excellent combination of power, towing capacity and fuel economy. The key feature of this truck being promoted at CES was available  high-speed 4G LTE connectivity, allowing you to use your truck to create the ultimate hotspot for up  to seven devices with a signal more powerful than a smartphone or other mobile hotspot.

chevy corvette z6 side view

And then there is the Corvette Z06. This limited production beast is truly a world-class supercar, with a 6.2L V8 engine paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission that generates 650 HP.  A cool $78,000 will get you into the driver’s seat.

chevy corvette z6 front view

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