Startups Show Off Their Goods at Showstoppers Once Again – CES 2017 Update

Every year at CES, we attend Showstoppers where the majority of the exhibitors are startups hoping to get publicity for their new products.  Fasetto for instance,  is a company who recently launched an upgraded version of their Link product, a living storage and communications device featuring its own scalable and flexible platform. The unique LINK features some of the most powerful hardware ever utilized in a handheld device.


LINK’s small form factor measures a mere 2” across and 1” tall, and weighs as little as 3 ounces.  LINK  utilizes Samsung’s industry-first NVMe PCIe SSD technology in a single ball grid array (BGA), providing LINK with up to 2TB of superfast on-device storage, coupled with the octa-core 2.1GHz Exynos 7420 processor. It is the first product in production that uses the Samsung BGA form factor NVMe PCIe SSD, and it has impressed Samsung enough that they are actively promoting it on social media.

genicanGeniCan is attempting to dramatically simplify grocery shopping.  Their device attaches to the top of your trash can, and contains a powerful barcode scanner.  When you throw away an empty box, can, container or package, you simply pass it in front of the scanner as you drop it into the trash and that item is added to a shopping list for replacement.  They have even partnered with Amazon dash replenishment to give you the option for automatic replenishment (where available).

mysizeHave you ever been at a loss to find a tape measure, ruler, etc. when you need to get an exact measurement of something?  Let your smartphone become a tape measure with the new MySize app.  This app utilizes the sensors in your smartphone to keep track of its movements, even in small increments down to one centimeter or less.  It works by placing your smartphone at one end of what you are measuring, start the app, and move your smartphone to the end point of what you are measuring.  Wait a few seconds as the app calculates and then displays the distance that the phone moved.  The measurement can be displayed in either inches or centimeters.  Great for measuring a package you need to ship.

fortress-utmAlong the lines of “it’s about time!”, we are finally seeing options to improve the security of your home’s connected devices.  IoT (Internet of Things) is a great concept in theory, but security for these devices has thus far been woefully weak or lacking.  Enter Fortress  Cyber Security, with their Fortress™ UTM.  Their Unified Threat Management Appliance prevents smart home intrusions both inside and outside the home.  Utilizing a large touch screen for easy setup, monitoring and notification, it is an all-inclusive security product that is able to secure both computers and internet of things systems.

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