In-Win Custom PC Chassis Sport World Class Designs – Computex 2017 Update

I happen to ba a PC case lover, build countless systems a year and was absolutely stunned at the In-Win Display area this year in Computex.  In-Win, although known for some amazing mainstream and limited PC cases, have really stepped things up this year.  No prices have been made known for these few designs just yet, but we couldn’t resist a few world class shots.  First… the WinBot:

The WinBot is In-Wins next step to a PC robot and their creations on display were Alexa and voice command compatible, were capable of spinning around through voice commands and even had facial recognition.  This chassis is E-ATX and built of aluminum and acrylic, designed by Kun MOD, will fit just about any design you can think of and is just about as interactive as it gets.

Next up we have the In-Win Floating which has a 360 degree panoramic design, contains reflective tempered glass, mirror display and touch panel interface.  This chassis, as well, will support all motherboard form factors is an open air design.

The In-Win X-Frame is perhaps the PC Reviewers dream.  Based on an aluminum framework, this design can be mounted on a base or the wall to free up that desk space.  Once again, it is an open air design, has water cooling support and has a quick release for wall mounting. I just found my next Test Bench chassis!

Last but not least, the In-Win 806.  Constructed of an aluminum frame. Highlighted with true wood top and front and smoked tempered glass window, In-win has developed this chassis so there is an air pocket between the wood and chassis, to ensure proper air flow and cooling.  It is a mid-tower case and, as such, supports ATX and smaller boards.  Stunning!

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