Genovation GXE 800hp Electric Corvette Steals CES | CES 2018 Update

Do you have an extra $750,000 lying around and a love for speed?  You have come to the right place if you do, as Genovation unveiled their newest GXE Corvette boasting roughly 800bhp in complete silence as this is an electric vehicle which might get about 130 miles to a tank if you go the speed limit.

Based on listed specs, the GXE is expected to do 0-60mph in under 3 seconds but we are going to guess they are being just a bit modest as the Z06 does that now.  Based on the Corvette C7 Z07 frame, the GXE will reach 220mph, however, and has absolutely perfect 50/50 weight distribution worth its dual electric motors and 60kWh battery.

Look closely and you will see an absolutely stunning paint job that consists of 15 applications of Bespoke Tricoat paint.  This is complemented with just the right inclusion of carbon fiber upgrades along with a totally unique front end.

The back of this GXE allows a good look at something traditional corvette lovers have been hoping for for some time; round taillights.  Personally, I like the newer design and think this version mimics the Nissan GTR just a bit, but I do like the spoiler.

The inside is very well done as well, boasting a full Alcantera and leather interior and a display that looks like it might have just been pulled from a Tesla.

All in all, this an absolutely stunning car and one that will never be in the hands but a select few.  As much as we tried, representatives would not pop the hood or turn her over.  Enjoy these pics!

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