Kingston Nucleum Release Saves the Day | CES2018 Update

As with everything these days, gaining something means that somewhere, somehow, something is lost.  It is no different in technology where the constant search for perfection means that something is inevitably forgotten or left out.  Take SD cards in your Apple products for example, or even in typical PC ultrabooks as well as there seemed to be a period that manufacturers believed SD cards slot were obsolete.

So I am at CES.  My laptop is the HP Spectre which I absolutely love BUT…. it has only one USB port which is a definite negative for most, myself included.  It does, however, have two USB Type-C ports which is the latest and greatest, but backward compatibility is a given.  In steps Kingston to save the day with their 7-1 connection Nucleum and this is a shot of my desktop now as I write.

Not the best shot in the world and, actually I just unplugged my Type-C portable drive as well, but the Nucleum just became the most valuable item for me at CES.  Plugged into my HP Spectre USB Type-C port, I have connected in this picture the power adapter, my Samsung Note 8 smartphone, WiFi mouse and a microSD card.  Thank you Kingston.

Available in two weeks on Amazon for around the $80 mark, the Nucleum accommodates two USB 3.1 devices, two USB Type-C devices, and HDMI connection, as well as a microSD and SDHC card.  Kingston has answered the need for all those laptops, ultrabooks and Apple devices that have eliminated many necessary ports on the device, and in many cases, want to charge significantly for adapters just to get you connected once again.  The Nucleum seems to have it all….at least it certainly does for us.  Thanks again Kingston!

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