The Power Of Phanteks – CES 2018 Update

The first morning of meetings started off with a bang. Phanteks hosted us for a show and tell of sorts at their upcoming 2018 product line. The room was fairly small but somehow showcased everything from fans to their brand new PSU series.Phanteks huge unveiling of their new Revolt series. Two crucial jobs this PSU provides include running two systems off of one power supply as well as connecting the two together in a series. The revolt comes standard with two sets of connectors for two separate systems by providing equal power to both. So if you were to set up two separate PC’s in one chassis with one system sucking more power, the Revolt will automatically adjust while keeping the power usage stable. In addition we have the option of hooking two of these power supplies up in a series. What does this mean? You can have two smaller less expensive PSU’s in unison matching the capabilities of other higher end products. Of course chassis at this moment are built for one PSU, however, we can see cases molding themselves around this new innovation.In addition to power, Phanteks has announced and showcased their new liquid cooling solution. Everything aside from the pump, can be purchased from Phanteks including their 160mm or 240mm cloudy reservoir. Tubing, brackets as well as the AMD or Intel non RGB Glacier series comprise the remainder of the line up. As you would think, these liquid cooling solutions are designed to fit perfectly in chassis like the Elite or Primo. On the chassis level we see one new announcement in terms of production. The P350 is an upgrade from the P300 series which was a much-needed. The thought behind this new chassis is to give the consumer more room for radiators as well as graphics cards instead of feeling slightly cramped in the small confines of the P300. Phanteks also released a Pro special white addition that gives you another option in color while adding two 120mm Halo fans in the front exhaust.Phanteks really set the bar high for the competing companies. Did we mention that they have also developed an all in one tool kit for the PC builder in all of us?

Stay tuned for other announcements and Phanteks reviews in the future.

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