ADATA Encourages Visitors To Game in The ADATA Orb with $10,000 24K Gold Keyboard | CES 2020 Update

If you want to get some attention at CES2020, bring along your ADATA Gaming Orb with $10, 000 24K gold-plated keyboard and invite people to actually use it!  That is just what ADATA did.

The ADATA Gaming Orb first made its debut appearance at Computex 2019 and is outfitted with the absolute best in ADATA and XPG gaming gear to include a complete RGB based PC system with XPG NVMe SSDs, ultra wide gaming monitor, adjustable gaming desk and…yes… even their $10,000 24K gold-plated keyboard.

The 24K gold keyboard is ADATA’s own Summoner keyboard and two were on display in the ADATA Suite at CES 2020, both being 24K gold plated and worth approximately $10,000.  Visitors were invited to use the one in the Orb.

The keyboard itself is heavier than one might expect as its base is aluminum with a 24K gold plating…real gold.  The original board was built as a customer request and six in total were manufactured. 

So if you have the itch to get your better half something very original and worth every penny, contact ADATA!  Most definitely a very niche product.  Hope ADATA properly insures our soon to be sent out sample for review!

Ok…. Gently place the keyboard ] back onto the the padded gaming desk and slowly exit the orb.  That look worries me.

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