Corsair Shows of the Best in The PC Business – CES 2020 Update

It is no secret we have been a fan of Corsair PC peripherals for some time.  In fact. we are sure that you will find a strong flavor of Corsair hardware in just about all of our Test Benches for several years now.  I don’t know…  I have used them all and for some reason I return to Corsair.  Innovation.  Design.  Originality.  Build.  I could go on and on but. very simply put, Corsair has always fit what I need best.  The added bonus of course, is that their gear is flat out stunning.  This year at CES 2020, the Corsair Suite in The Cosmopolitan showed this off to a tee.  Lets start with a concept PC video that demonstrated LEDs integrated into the tempered glass of their Corsair Concept Orion Mid-Tower PC Case.

Affixed to the glass of this PC are 150 ultra-bright, ultra-efficient Corsair CAPELLIX LEDS which are affixed to the glass and completely Corsair iCUE compatible and customizable.  The LEDS fit to the glass with very low visability film and the wires connecting each LED are as close to completely transparent as one might imagine. As shown in this video, this connects directly to the Corsair Light Mode pro and is immediately recognized by the iCUE software.  This will be available sometime in 2020 as a complete chassis purchase.

Next up…the Corsair A500.  Corsair leads the industry in liquid CPU coolers but also recognizes that there are those that still love those reliable air cooling designs.  The A500 is a high performance dual fan CPU cooler that uses two interchangeable ML120 Corsair fans. 

For those RGB lovers, they can be traded off for higher end iCUE compatible ML120 RGB fans that simply snap in and out.  The contact of this CPU cooler also has a pre-applied XTM50 thermal material for initial applications.

And then we have the Big O – XBox One S Edition which shows us just how much we can get into a single PC chassis.  Based on the Corsair Crystal Series 280x chassis on the left, this system combines a PS4 system on the right and the PC side of things is future upgradeable.

Origin PC and Corsair have hit a home run with this system and popular demand was the sole result pushing this to market. 

This system can be set up with a PS4 Pro or XBox on the right and Intel i5-9600 CPU with 16GB RAM PC on the left as a basic design.The only thing limiting the build design of this fully iCUE compatible design will be your pocketbook.

I am an iCUE lover and the one downfall I have found, with any companies set RGB designs, is that we seem to mix and match.  It would be great if all companies used a common software compatibility design.  Corsair has partnered up with ASUS, specifically making the  iCUE software compatible with ASUS motherboards.  This short video shows iCUE working flawlessly with the Asus ROG Zenith 2 Extreme and the AMD Ryzen 3960x Threadripper.


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