Cooler Master Brings Four Essential Elements of Performance PC Building to Life — Computex 2017 Update

Cooler Master is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a strong presence at Computex 2017.  Cooler Master is even devoting an entire section to modding, building and tutorials.  And let’s not forget Case Mod World Series 2017!

There are four “essential” elements to building a performance PC these days — design, customizability, software and functionality.  This is especially true for gamers.  At Computex 2017, Cooler Master will be announcing or launching numerous products that incorporate these essentials, and all will be launched before the end of the year.

According to Charlie Wu, Brand Manager for Cooler Master, “People think that a dekstop PC is either a plain black box, or that it’s too hard to build something nice for yourself.  I see first-time builders all the time put together a stunning rig in about a few hours.  In 25 years, we’ve come a long way.  Building your own PC is still the best way to get everything you want, and all you need are the right tools.”

At Cooler Master’s Computex 2017 displays, you will find PC cases that feature glass, acrylic, aluminum and RGB lighting.  Their MasterWatt power supply line now includes a fanless model.  Although not first to the table with RGB products, Cooler Master now will have nearly 15 new RGB offerings, including a controller hub.

For more information, you can visit Cooler Master’s Computex 2017 webpage here.

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