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The 1More H1707, by namesake, are an over-ear headphone, although they are definitely more of an on-ear design which we will tackle in the next section.  Depending on whether you are ordering from Europe or the US depends on the color you may get.  We love the gold design but the North American version is silver. Accomplishing sound quality as a triple driver headphone is very impressive as the H1707′ sport a ceramic tweeter, a 40mm graphene dynamic driver and bass reflector on each side.

The exterior build is of an aluminum allow and 1More describes the headband and ear cushions as leather although they are more of a very supple leatherette.  The base of the headband has grooves to reduce pressure and the ear cups conform to the shape of ones head very well as they rotate 45 degrees.  Speaker impedance is listed as 32Ω, sensitivity 102dB, frequency response 20-40,000Hz, and maximum power of 50mW.  


I have easily put over a hundred hours in these 1707′ and can’t count the number of times I have sunk back in my chair and fallen asleep with them on.  The headband is very comfortable and the they sit very comfortably.  I particularly like the left and right inscriptions inside each headphone and laugh at myself every time I look at them while putting the H1707s on. 

Being an on-ear design, I was initially a bit concerned with long-term comfort, however, I think the fact that the ‘leather’ is breathable contributes significantly to the long term comfort.  Similarly, there next to no noise-bleed whatsoever.


These H1707′ could be the clearest voice reproduction I have heard in a long time through a set of headphones. There is a striking balance of sound at all levels that is not common most of today’ headphones. There is a hitch though.  True bass lovers are going to feel somewhat disappointed as sound clarity and the expert tuning by Grammy Award winner Luca Bignardi blend lower tones rather nicely, rather than providing a very unbalanced ground shaking thud.  It took a bit to accommodate the change but I then recognized that ‘balance’ provided through Bignardi’ tuning allowed a fuller experience overall. 

 An absolute great song to understand this is ‘Angie’ by the Rolling Stones where the guitar starts out on your left but, for the first time, I could hear a very faint echo carry over to the right, and even such a dated song is very crisp. To be completely impartial though, I felt there was too much of a trade-off when listening to one of my favorite Payolas songs, ‘Where is this Love’ and didn’t enjoy this particular song whatsoever on these headphones.


The 1More Triple Driver Over-Ear H1707 is listed at Amazon at $249 at Amazon USA with free shipping and, well that price definitely impressed.  We figured $250 minimum for the quality of these headphones.  Keeping in mind that these particular headphones are not ‘bass heavy’ as we discussed earlier, I don’t think that I know of a better recommendation for price and quality combined.


There is nothing better than writing about things that are just that good, especially something that you figured would be good but turned out loving… as I sit here relishing Leonard Cohen ‘Dance Me to the End of Love’.  For me personally, an absolute great set of headphones has the ability to move through the many genres of music and the 1More H1707s do just that.  Admittedly, I was a bit disappointed initially as a particulaer song didn’t have quite the reproduction I was happy with, but post that, I searched hard for another that would provide same and couldn’t find it.

At days end, the 1More  Triple Driver Over-Ear headphones seem to have the entire package.  Packaging is beyond reproach as is headphone build, appearance and comfort.  The one-year warranty is typical of these products and value is definitely a highlight.  The most important characteristic of any headphone, however, is sound reproduction and enjoyment, to which the number of hours I have with these 1707s takes care of any doubts one may have whatsoever.  The 1707s are just that quality, priced well below what one might expect.

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The easiest method of telling whether you really favor the sound and fit of a particular set of headphones is, quite simply, how much they are on your head.  In my case, I have long passed the burn in phase of these 1More H1707 Triple Driver' and somehow find myself having returned to those old habits of late late night music sessions where I rediscover some oldies from my playlist.  Etta James is a given as is some amazing Billy Joel but my rediscovery of an old friend named Floyd occurred through the album, and title song, 'The Final Cut'. …

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1More has struck yet another home run with their triple driver over-ear H1707 headphones, packing absolutely amazing sound quality and comfort into an unbelievable price.

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