Degauss Labs Twelve Drivers In-Ear Monitors – As Pure As It Gets


The design of the Twelve Drivers is such that the tips are angled slightly to fit the ear canal very well with the body sitting perfectly and supported by the over-the-ear-cable design.  Once in place, the fit is very secure, comfortable and can be worn for several hours as you just forget that they are there.

Having said that, the MMCX connection also allows a more custom fit as one can turn the monitor for a perfect fit but I have to admit that I get very frustrated trying to find that perfect fit just about every time. 

At first, I thought it would be something that would fall in place eventually but nope….  I bet ya I have had these on and off thirty or forty times and it still hasn’t become a natural thing.  Wheres the mirror so I can see what I am doing here?  I am not alone though; my better half couldn’t find that fit right off as well.


Specs list impedance at 20 ohms, a frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz, sensitivity at 100+/- 3dB@1kHz.  The Twelve Drivers are constructed of six balanced armature drivers on each side with 3-way crossovers.


My love of sound probably comes from the fact that I am not tied to one musical genre.  One second I could be listening Leonard Cohen where the next Hawthorne Heights could get me cranking it up to Niki FM.  Etta James, Al Green,  Genesis, Don MacLean, Kiss, Radiohead, UB40, Rihanna, Nirvana, Lana Del Rey,  Styx, Coldplay, GooGoo Dolls, Skynyrd… you name it.


This was perhaps my biggest concern with the Degauss Labs Twelve Drivers.  I HATE distortion and love deep deep bass. Sam Smith… In the lonely hour.  Very crisp and clean.  Nelly Furtado …Say it right.  A bit deeper and then flip to Nine Inch Nails.  Let’s close this with the be all and end all of great bass.  Leonard Cohen – Tower of Song.

The bass response is no less than amazing, very low and thick…no distortion.  Very clear… just a bit hollow. 


James Blunt.  Mid range response is very tight, crisp and well tuned.  It is probably the clearest I have ever heard in a set of in-ear monitors… Crowded House – Distant Sun.  Voices are pure and feel like they are right behind you.  Hawthorne heights – Niki FM. Dobie Gray – Drift Away… articulate.


 Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful.  The all American Rejects – Dirty Little Secret.  Shakespeare Sister – Stay  Very clear and not overpowering.  I dare you to listen to Troy – Sinead O’Connor and not experience goose bumps.  Better yet.. Alison Moyet and Yaz – Midnight.


The Degauss Labs Twelve Drivers are very limited in availability and have a US price of $299 from the company’s site only.  Expensive … yes, but true music perfection comes at a price.  The website can be found here but we would love to see mass availability.


So I found myself sitting here for several minutes, listening to my Twelve Drivers, and trying to find just the right sentence to convey just how amazing these really sound. These are the absolute best I have ever heard from any in-ear design, and quite frankly, it is much better than I ever thought I might get from a set of ‘buds’.  Now that may be enough for most… but…. I still have to list my concerns with respect to getting these set just right, pricing and availability.  They are a Niche product and pricey at that.  Still… the sound is as pure as it gets.  Great job Degauss.

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