Helm Audio True Wireless BT Headphones Review

Let’s start this report by stating that I have never even come close to finding wireless headphones of any type appealing or worth my time.  Whether it be fit, battery life, or simple functionality, there has always been something that kept me away from jumping aboard.  In fact, the last time I gave a set any serious effort was back in 2013. Times change… 

So… today…  I check my e-mail and receive notification that Helm Audio is about to start shipping their True Wireless headphones and I think to my self…Oh crap!!!  Back in January, I received a set of these to try out at CES and I completely forgot about them.  Well… not really.  I have been wearing these for two months now…everywhere…  I simply neglected to remember to compile a report.  Sounds pretty self-centered but actually its a good thing.  These things just work and fit so well… I overlooked things,  Sorry Helm but here goes!

The Helm Audio True Wireless headphones are available today at Amazon in either a black or white exterior color and come in a very minimalist box with plastic charging shell.  Their appearance is of a very clean design and I have been able to average just over  three hours use on a full charge.  The charging case allows you to recharge on the go for up to 15 hours of listening pleasure, at 1.5 hours of charging time.  The buds are plastic and I find they fit my ears very well, especially when using the ‘Comply Foam’ eartips. 

Inside the packaging, you find the ear buds in their charging case, 4 additional sets of silicone ear tips along with the comply tips, a charging cord and very easy to follow instructions.  Charging the True Wireless is as simple as placing them in their charging case, plugging it in initially to get a full charge in the buds and charger for mobile use.  Pairing was as simple as holding down the button on each ear bud for a few seconds and then setting them up on your smartphone.  They pair one at a time but remain paired and sound great.

The Helm Audio True Wireless headphones are constructed of a very smooth plastic exterior with a honeycomb design and they are available in white or black.  They have proprietary high-powered polymer and alloy enhanced drivers that offer very clear sound with amazing base.  The True Wireless ear buds have a patent pending HELIX antenna which delivers up to 70 feet of range.  They are also IPX4 water resistant to rain, sweat and mud.


To add to an already great argument, the layout of the left and right buttons to fully take advantage of your music and phone use has been done very well. The buds have dual mics and one of the only questions I have has to be why they set these up on Bluetooth 4.1 which is now rather outdated.

When push comes to shove, these are just an all around great product.  They are built well, look great, sound amazing, work just as they advertise and they are a great price at $99 right now at Amazon.  Editors Choice!

Check out Helm Audio BT True Wireless Pricing at Amazon.


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