iClever IC-BTH02 Bluetooth Headphones Review


Straight out of the box, these headphones are incredibly snug and comfortable. Their lightweight design is perfect, in the sense that once you have them on you can barely tell you are wearing them. Notably the cord that travels from one earphone to the other is extremely light, like it is not even there. To think, this is all before we even tried switching out the different ear buds and clips.

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When it comes down to testing the earphones, we keep a simple approach. We test earphones to be used exactly as they are marketed, in this case we took the iClever IC-BTH02 to the gym! Throughout the extent of our 5 workouts, we were very impressed with the headset. You could barely tell that you were wearing the headphones. This makes the perfect for companion for any workout! Even while jogging on a treadmill we didn’t feel the cord bouncing across the back of our neck.

To test the audio quality, we took a little different approach. In a quieter environment we listened to a range of songs through different genres; Lean On – Major Lazer, Renegades – X Ambassadors, Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin, Crime of the Century – Supertramp. Here’s what we found, the IC-BTH02 have excellent mid and high’s, through unparalleled clarity, but the bass was a little disappointing as it would bottom out as soon as volume was above 75%. Overall though, the headphones had a very decent sound that wasn’t disappointing as a whole. Actually it was fairly impressive considering you can pick these up for $14.99.

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While skipping through Apple Music, we fortunately and unfortunately came across two songs that puzzled us – Levels and Chains by Nick Jonas. We know what you are thinking, Nick Jonas … really? But had it not have been for these two songs, we wouldn’t have found this puzzling aspect. In levels, we could blast up the volume to 100%, there was powerful bass, clear and crisp mids and highs. Then, as soon as the song switched to chains, it felt like the earphones were going to pop right out of our ears. It sounded like the bass bottomed out to nearly 60% of the volume, but it was an odd noise. The sound was as if there was interference across the bluetooth signal. We tested this in an environment with no other bluetooth devices and experienced the same thing. Describe how you wish, but we found this odd.

This is where we found the Jabra Sport Coach took our listening to the next level, across all genres of music, we never experienced this. This is expected though, the music technology industry is illustrious for the concept of “you get what you pay for”.


Well, with all of that being said, we can pretty much say that you will not find a set of bluetooth headphones for this cheap. As we said earlier, you’re going to find that obviously headphones with a higher price tag will take your listening experience to the next level, but that doesn’t mean you need to go out and drop $200 on a set of wireless headphones. For $14.99 we would definitely recommend these to anyone who is looking for a chance to free themselves from that annoying cable to your audio device. It’s for this reason that we are awarding iClever with our Top Value award!


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If you are a frequent gym goer, more than likely you enjoy the fresh sound of tunes to workout to. What can be the most frustrating part of using headphones is the that cord that gets entangled in every treadmill or weight stack. Thanks to iClever, they have given you an opportunity to forget those awkward moments with he IC-BTH02 wireless bluetooth headphones. A little while back we took an in-depth look at the Jabra Sport Coach wireless earphones, a set that we were very impressed with. Today we will be comparing the iClever IC-BTH02 to the Jabra Sport Coach earphones,…

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The iClever IC-BTH02 is a set of bluetooth headphones that are perfect when you are on a budget. A fair number of our tests gave us mixed results, but still performed very well!

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